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    The Ninja Mommy is link-free. The button to the right may be used to link to this site. A simple text link will also suffice. Thanks! Kindly direct your links to https://theninjamommy.com. If you ...

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    Listed here are various ways by which you can get in touch with Shi. You can view further information on booking and sponsorships. E-Mail hello @ theninjamommy.com Blog Shi Bytes Portal Very ...

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  • About Shi

    I was born in the Philippines, during the heydays of the magnificent Madonna and the late, great Prince. I qualify under the Senior Millennial age bracket. I have been working since I was five years ...

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  • About The Ninja Mommy

    The Ninja Mommy is Shi's parenting resources and tips blog, culled from her firsthand experiences and knowledge as an expatriate working mother. This website has been live since 4 July 2017 and part ...

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