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    The Ninja Mommy is link-free. The button to the right may be used to link to this site. A simple text link will also suffice. Thanks! Kindly direct your links to https://theninjamommy.com. If you ...

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    Listed here are various ways by which you can get in touch with Shi. You can view further information on booking and sponsorships. E-Mail hello @ theninjamommy.com Blog Shi Bytes Portal Very ...

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    I was born in the Philippines, during the heydays of the magnificent Madonna and the late, great Prince. I qualify under the Senior Millennial age bracket. I have been working since I was five years ...

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  • About The Ninja Mommy

    The Ninja Mommy is Shirley Siaton-Parabia's parenting resources and tips blog, culled from her firsthand experiences and knowledge as an expatriate working mother. This website has been live since 4 ...

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